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Class of 2002

From left to right: Alex Wild, Ken Spence, Suzanne Langridge, Eli Sarnat, Lindy McBride,
Chris Pagan, Deanna Jackson, Gerbil Lee, Elmer Yee.
Foreground, right: Phil Ward

Memories of 2002

Alex shows off his pooter

Barking (Woof!) on Carpenter Ridge
Stephanie, Gerbil and Eli

Entomologists invade Carpenter Ridge
Chris, Eli, Shelah and Phil

Deanna and Stephanie at the Sand Spring Dunes

Elmer collects cimicids

Elmer, Gerbil and Stephanie

Phil and Eli try to coral the newly caught grylloblattid

Litter sifting done right: Butterfly Valley
Phil, Ken and Elmer

Phil shows how to sweepnet with plexiglass
Gerbil, Lindy, Suzanne and Phil

The Upper Camp Roster

All photos © Alex Wild 2002 and may not be used without permission
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