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ENT109: Insect Taxonomy and Field Ecology

Field Trips

A significant amount of Ent 109 is dedicated to field trips spanning several habitat types across northern California and Nevada.  Below is a list of places visited during the course in recent years.

1. Sierra Nevada Western Slope. Lang Crossing & Emigrant Gap, Tahoe National Forest, CA.
2. Sierra Nevada Western Slope. Butterfly Valley, Quincy, CA.
3. Sierra Nevada Eastern Slope. Beckworth/Hallelujah Junction, Lassen Co., CA.
4. Great Basin Desert. Fort Churchill, Weeks, NV.
5. Great Basin Desert. Sand Spring Dunes, Churchill Co., NV.
6. High Sierra. Carson Pass, CA.
7. Sierra Nevada Eastern Slope. Kyburz Flat, Sierraville, CA.
8. Carpenter Ridge. Sagehen Creek Basin, CA.

Lang Crossing

Butterfly Valley


Yellow flowers at Hallelujah Junction

Hallelujah Junction

Fort Churchill, NV

Fort Churchill

Sand Spring Dunes

Carson Pass

Kyburz Flat

Carpenter Ridge

All photos © Alex Wild 2002 and may not be used without permission


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