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Pseudomyrmex flavicornis (F. Smith, 1877)

Worker diagnosis.  HW 0.99-1.21; head broad (CI 0.83-0.94); median clypeal lobe laterally rounded; frontal carinae relatively well separated (FCI > 0.06); head densely punctulate and opaque; head, postpetiole and gaster black or blackish-brown, mesosoma and petiole varying from black to reddish-brown.

Similar species. P. ferrugineus, P. mixtecus, P. veneficus.

Distribution. Guatemala to Costa Rica.

Biology. This is an obligate acacia-ant, which has been recorded from Acacia collinsii, A. cornigera and A. hindsii. Colonies are monogynous.

References.  Ward (1993).

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