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Pseudomyrmex janzeni Ward, 1993

Worker diagnosis.  HW 0.93-1.03; head broad (CI 0.88-0.94); median clypeal lobe laterally rounded; frontal carinae relatively well separated (FCI > 0.06); head densely punctulate and opaque, becoming weakly sublucid between ocelli and upper margin of compound eye; head venter with conspicuous suberect pubescence; head and mesosoma light orange-brown, gaster the same or slightly darker.

Similar species. P. ferrugineus, P. mixtecus, P. veneficus.

Distribution. Western Mexico (Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa).

Biology. P. janzeni is a polygynous acacia-ant, which occupies Acacia hindsii. Additional details of the life history are given in Janzen (1973).

References.  Janzen (1973), Ward (1993).

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