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Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel, 1913)

Worker diagnosis. Relatively small, HW 0.76-0.90, with elongate head (CI 0.76-0.89) and moderately elongate eyes (REL 0.45-0.50); median clypeal lobe laterally rounded or subangulate; petiole broad and posterolaterally angulate (PWI 0.63-0.75); head punctulate-corarious and matte; body light to medium brown, rarely dark brown.

Similar species. P. nigrocinctus.

Distribution. Eastern Mexico to Nicaragua.

Biology. This obligate acacia-ant has been recorded from Acacia chiapensis, A. collinsii, A. cornigera, A. gentlei, A. globulifera and A. hindsii. Colonies of P. peperi are apparently polygynous over much of its range.

References.  Ward (1993).

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