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Pseudomyrmex satanicus (Wheeler, 1942)

Worker diagnosis. Large, HW 1.10-1.26; median clypeal lobe laterally angulate; frontal carinae subcontiguous (FCI 0.03-0.05); pronounced pit-like impression on midline of head anterior to the median ocellus; posterior margin of head straight, rounding sharply into the sides; head densely punctulate, sublucid; in dorsal view propodeal spiracles salient, protruding laterally; petiole slender; body dark brown.

Similar species. P. spinicola.

Distribution. Central Panama.

Biology. P. satanicus is a polygynous, obligate acacia-ant, known only from a few forested locations in Panama, where colonies inhabit Acacia melanoceras.

References.  Janzen (1974), Ward (1993).

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