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Pseudomyrmex spinicola (Emery, 1890)

Worker diagnosis. HW 0.94-1.15; median clypeal lobe laterally angulate; frontal carinae subcontiguous (FCI 0.03-0.06); posterior margin of head rounding gradually into the sides; head densely punctulate, sublucid; in dorsal view propodeal spiracles salient, protruding laterally; petiole slender; body varying from light orange-brown to dark brown.

Similar species. P. satanicus.

Distribution. Honduras to northern Colombia.

Biology. P. spinicola is a monogynous, obligate acacia-ant, associated with Acacia collinsii and, less frequently, A. allenii and A. cornigera. Janzen (1983) provides a good summary of its biology in Costa Rica, under the name “P. ferruginea“. True P. ferrugineus does not occur south of Honduras and El Salvador.

References.  Janzen (1983), Ward (1993).

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